Flat bottom pouch

  • Flat Bottom Pouch For Coffee Packaging With Valve

    Flat Bottom Pouch For Coffee Packaging With Valve

    Nothing says good morning like a hot cup of coffee, high quality coffee deserves high quality packaging. Union Packing are specialized in various of coffee packaging bags for over 20 years  experience and has all the coffee packaging solutions you are looking for, the most suitable one is the best one. Stand up zipper pouch, side gusset bags, flat bottom pouch are the mainly three bag types for coffee pack nowadays, but flat bottom pouch is the most popular one. Flat bottom zipper pouch for coffee pack combine the best features of side gusset bags and stand up pouch, it can stand on their own before filling products and show your unique packaging ideally after packed. Perfect as coffee packaging as tea, pet food and other food snacks, 100% customized printing makes your coffee pouch as unique as your products.

  • Flat Bottom Zipper Pouch For Pet Food Packaging

    Flat Bottom Zipper Pouch For Pet Food Packaging

    For flat bottom flexible zipper pouch, Union Packing are specialized in not only food packaging but also dry or wet pet food packaging as special as your pets for dog, cat, bird and others. As the economy develops, pet owners are more and more , pets are a part of our family. Related industries for pets also entered the new age of rapid development, pet food is one of them. The living standards of pets is straight climb, we want our pets well fed and eat it very healthily. High quality pet food deserves high quality packaging, flat bottom zipper pouch, not only perfect bag shape to show your pet food, but also with qualified materials of food grade. For Union Packing, the essence of being a business is very simple, it is to provide services for our customers and help them solve the problems. Whatever your pet food need, you have arrived the right place.