Aluminum foil (AL) mylar bags and VMPET mylar bags

Mylar bags including several bag types: stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch, side gusset bag, three side sealed bag. Mylar bags used in every walk of life and has a very important role in our production.

Mylar bags can use different materials based on the product features. Mylar bags can be matte finish or glossy finish, it can be foiled or not foiled also. For foil, two choices for the clients, they are VMPET and Aluminum foil (AL). Both are foiled inside, but have very big difference. What’s the difference between VMPET and Aluminum foil (AL)? How to distinguish VMPET and Aluminum foil (AL)? What products use VMPET and what products use Aluminum foil (AL)? Same price for VMPET and Aluminum foil? Let’s read below. 

What’s the difference between VMPET and Aluminum foil (AL)? In terms of materials, VMPET is foiled plastic material which is mixed aluminum foil with plastic, Aluminum foil (AL) is pure aluminum foil and high purity. VMPET is hard brittle material but Aluminum foil (AL) is soft material. In terms of cost, VMPET is cheaper than Aluminum foil (AL). Aluminum foil (AL) use more metal aluminum so production cost is higher. In terms of performance, VMPET has shading effect and Aluminum foil (AL) completely avoid light. Aluminum foil (AL) has better moisture proof and lower the temperature. Aluminum foil (AL) has better heat sealability, heat-resistant, low temperature resistant, oil resistivity, flexibility, water proof and oxygen proof.

How to distinguish VMPET and Aluminum foil (AL)? Firstly, we can watch with the naked eye. From the inside of the mylar bag, look at it against the light or the sun-light, it will be VMPET if can see the light and will be pure Aluminum foil (AL) if no light. Aluminum foil (AL) shows silver white color and VMPET is glossy foiled. Secondly, we can touch by the hand. Aluminum foil (AL) mylar bags feels thick and solid when touch, harder and heavy. VMPET myalr bags is lighter and softer for texture. Thirdly, we can use the fire. Aluminum foil (AL) mylar bags not easy to burn and leave gray aluminum slag. Fourthly, Aluminum foil (AL) mylar bags will have folding marks when fold it but VMPET mylar bags don’t have folding marks and resilience sooner.

If you want to know more detailed information for VMPET mylar bags and Aluminum foil (AL) mylar bags, just contact with Union Packing.

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Post time: Oct-26-2022