Begining and developing for stand up pouch

Stand up pouch is one kind of best-selling products in Union Packing and is widely used in all professions and trades. The original name of stand up pouch is doypack, doypack is one soft packaging bag with bottom. The generation of the name doypack is from one company named Thimonier in France, CEO Mr. LouisDoyen of Thimonier finished doypack patent application, and then doypack became the official name to today. Doypack was recognized in USA market 1990, afterwards popular around the world.

Stand up pouch is a novel packaging method comparatively and take the advantage in improve the product grade, strengthen the shelf visual effect, easy to carry and use, retain freshness and resealable. Up to present, stand up pouch is divided into 4 types, they are normal, spout, zipper, shaped decided by product features and clients’ requirements. More and more clients choose stand up pouch as their flexible packaging by reliable protection against spoilage, attractive brand 100% customized, cost-efficient and sustainable. Beyond all doubt, people love stand up pouch.

Stand up pouch is for one plastic packaging bag produced for less than 100 years, people suddenly realized it, a temporary convenience brings permanent harm, that is white pollution. For example, the consumption of plastic packaging bags was 5 million tons in the 1950s, but 100 million tons today, it is very terrible. To protect the environment against pollution is related to each of us, biodegradable bags will be the future of packaging. Add some new ingredients to the production process to help decompose, reduce the use of plastic bag, increase the amount of recycling, increase publicity efforts, these are we can do at present. For the years to come, plastic problem is still a big hard problem. We believe it can be attacked in the near future for the people, the countries and the earth.

Post time: Jul-27-2021