Biodegradable kraft paper bags’ extensive use

Kraft paper bags are nontoxic, odourless and non-pollution. Kraft paper bags are in line with the national environmental protection standards, it is high strength and high environmental protection. Kraft paper bags are one of the most fashionable environmental packaging materials internationally. Kraft paper bags get more and more widely used. Check our kraft paper bags here:

 Biodegradable kraft paper bags2 Biodegradable kraft paper bags3

Kraft paper bags take all wood pulp paper as base materials, the color has brown kraft paper and white kraft paper. We can use PP materials laminate to play a  waterproof role. Kraft paper bags can be stand up zipper pouch, flat bottom zipper pouch, side gusset bags, three side sealed bags, film rolls, it is ok for all the bag types. Paper color as background, it can less the printing area and reduce the production cost, it is also good for our environmental protection. Kraft paper bags can be used in line of food snacks, coffee, tea, dried nuts, flour, beans, spicy, bread, salt, sugar and so on.

Kraft paper bags can be with zipper, so the products inside can be moisture proof when open and the zipper also can be biodegradable. Kraft paper bags can be with handle, so it is easy to carry. Kraft paper bags can be with clear window which can be any shape you want, rectangle or oval or round or special shape. So clients can see the products through the clear window thereby bring the desire to buy it. Kraft paper bags can be with aluminum foil inside, so the bag can moisture proof well and protect the products.

With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the application amount of kraft paper bags will be increasing day by day. All of us would like to protect our environment and build our green home, biodegradable kraft paper bags will be our capable assistant.

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Post time: Dec-22-2022