How to choose vacuum packaging bags?

People often ask what is the material of the moon cake vacuum bag, dough vacuum bag, nut vacuum bag, duck neck vacuum bag and other food grade vacuum bag? In fact, the choice of vacuum bag material depends on the characteristics of the product.

The vacuum bag can be divided into non-barrier vacuum bag, medium barrier vacuum bag and high barrier vacuum bag. From the function, it can be divided into low temperature vacuum bag, high temperature vacuum bag, puncture resistant vacuum bag, stand up bag and zipper bag.

How to choose vacuum bags for different types of products? Because different products have different requirements for packaging materials, materials should be selected according to the characteristics of the products, including: deterioration, deterioration factors (light, water, oxygen, etc.), product shape, product surface hardness, storage conditions, sterilization temperature, etc.

A good vacuum bag doesn’t have to have many functions, depending on whether it fits the product.

1. Products with regular or soft surface:

Suitable for regular or soft surface products, such as sausage products, soy products, etc. The mechanical strength of the material is not required to be very high, only the impact of the barrier and sterilization temperature on the material need to be considered.

Therefore, this kind of product generally adopts the OPA/PE structure of vacuum packing bag. If high temperature sterilization (above 100 ℃) is required, OPA/CPP structure or high temperature resistant PE can be used as heat sealing layer.

2. High surface hardness products: high surface hardness of meat and blood products and other products, high surface hardness, hard convex, easy to puncture the packaging in the process of vacuum pumping and transportation.

Therefore, the vacuum bag of this kind of product needs to have good puncture resistance and buffer performance. Vacuum bags can be PET/PA/PE or OPET/OPP/CPP. OPA/OPA/PE bags can be used if the product weight is less than 500g. The product has good adaptability and good vacuum effect when forming.

Perishable products: low-temperature meat products are easy to deteriorate and need to be sterilized at low temperature. The strength of the packaging bag is not high, but it requires excellent barrier performance. Therefore, pure co-extruded films such as PA/PE/EVOH/PA/PE, dry cured films such as PA/PE and K coating materials can be used. PVDC shrinkage bags or dry composite bags can be used for high temperature products.

Post time: Jul-13-2021