For retort pouch, K-NYLON the more you cook, the stronger you get.

Nylon material is very strong material, good transparency and good luster with high tensile strength. It has better heat resistance, freeze resistance, grease resistance, organic solvent resistance. Excellent abrasive resistance, puncture resistance and oxygen resistance.

K-NYLON is coating one layer or multi layer PVDC rubber latex with high barrier performance. PVDC is the byword for high barrier, packaging industry even call it “the queen” and “the princess” of high barrier materials. Excellent high barrier performance mainly manifested in reducing oxygen through rate. So it has a significant increase on quality guarantee period, protect the taste, retain freshness, oil resistivity and etc. And K-NYLON has same printing and laminating for packaging.

The oxygen through the rate of K-NYLON less 20ml/㎡.24h.atm. K-NYLON can protect the food from oxidative deterioration occurs, the packaging block performance don’t decline and still has well protective influence under wet conditions. K-NYLON can effectively maintain the inside contents not disappear and prevent entering for external bad gas.

The water vapour through the rate of K-NYLON less 50g/㎡.24h, it can effectively avoid water disappear and will not make the product inside dry or taste bad. K-NYLON can postpone the color change for food products. Besides it can stand very high temperature and long-time water boiled sterilization. K-NYLON meet the food hygiene requirements and don’t have harmful environmental pollution for human beings.

The application of K-NYLON is very wide. Mature meat products and milk products can extend shelf life, anti-dehydration, guarantee both quality and quantity and keep the original flavor. Sea products and aquatic products also can prolong the shelf life, keep the color fresh, no dehydration and don’t string taste. Fruit and juice can anti-oxidative deterioration and keep intrinsic taste. Tea coffee and medicines can avoid mildew, moisture proof and keep the original flavor strong.

Post time: Apr-18-2022