The material details of plastic packaging bags.

Union Packing is a factory specialized in various of plastic packaging bags. Stand up zipper pouch, flat bottom pouch, kraft paper pouch, shaped pouch, retort pouch, non-woven bag, side gusset bag, three side seal bag, vacuum bag, film rolls and etc. All those bags can be in different materials based on clients’ requirements and products features. Union Packing will let you know more information for all materials used by plastic packaging bags.

PA is very tough film, good transparency and glossiness, high tensile strength, better heat resisting property and low temperature resistance, oil resistivity and resistance to organic solvents, excellent abrasive resistance and puncture resistance, fine oxygen resistance and very soft. But PA is weak for the barrier of water vapor, high moisture permeability, poor heat sealing ability, PA is suitable for hard and fast items packaging, such as meat product, fried food products, vacuum-packaged food, cooked food.

PET is colorless and transparent film, glossy and excellent mechanical performance, high inflexibility and solidity and ductility, puncture and friction resistance, resistance to high and low temperatures, chemical and grease resistance, gas tightness well, PET is one frequently used printing film.

VMPET has two types, one is VMPET and the other is VMCPP. VMPET has features of plastic film and also metal, the purpose is to shade light and extend the shelf life. VMPET replace pure aluminum foil to some extent and in lower price, it is very widely used in packaging line.

CPP has three types, one is normal CPP, one is VMCPP and one is RCPP. CPP is high transparency and good flatness, good temperature resistance and heat sealing ability, non-toxic and tasteless, fine anti-damp and moisture-proof, but grease resistance is not very ideal.

BOPP is good physical stability and mechanical strength, high transparency and glossy, tough and durable, the most widely used film.The thickness normally is 18 micron or 25 micron, the heat sealing ability and printing ability is weak, BOPP need make surface preparation before printing and laminating.

LDPE is semitransparent, glossy and more softer film, it has excellent chemical stability, heat sealing ability, resistance to water and moisture, cold resistance and can be boiled. The main disadvantage is poor ability for the barrier of oxygen, more than 40% in all the packaging materials.

The main feature of PE is low price, softer, good extenability, environmental protection and no pollution, fine corrosion resistance and electrical insulation. The weak point is poor in weather ability and not suitable to use in high temperature, heating time should not be very long, otherwise a decomposition will occur.

MOPP is for matt finish BOPP, no glossy film. It is for printing layer outside and more fashionable for food packaging bags at present. Normally thickness is 18 micron and 25 micron.

AL is for pure aluminum foil and excellent protection from the light. It is not transparency and silvery white color, feel thick and solid, not easy to burn and higher price than VMPET. 

Post time: Jul-27-2021